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08 July, 2023

Q4OS 5.2 Aquarius

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03 May, 2023

Q4OS 4.12 Gemini

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Installation media

 The Long Term Support release codenamed 'Aquarius' gives you five years of security patches and updates, it will be supported until June 2028 at least.

 You can download either a lightweight efficient Trinity desktop, or more advanced Plasma desktop edition. Live media allow users to get a quick Q4OS experience, or try it out on a real hardware without installation. If satisfied, an optional installer is available. Use the install-cd media for older 64bit as well as 32bit machines.
 The minimal hardware requirements:
Plasma desktop - 1GHz CPU / 1GB RAM / 5GB disk
Trinity desktop - 350MHz CPU / 256MB RAM / 3GB disk

Installer for Windows

 The easiest way to put Q4OS alongside Windows. Just run the setup wizard from within Windows and install Q4OS as easily as an application. Windows 11/10/8/7 compatible.

Other downloads

 If you are looking for older supported Q4OS releases, you can download from the Legacy releases page.

Files details

md5sum ; file:
5eb57d64202a616d1263a6763a78fc19 q4os-5.2-x64.r2.iso
4a91e101fe45531621ade0fd62122b36 q4os-5.2-x64-tde.r2.iso
183b63f3cbfa0d1cede4d66fd0cf71a9 q4os-5.2-x64-instcd.r2.iso
c8caf1d7b128f84a331ecd893f526d84 q4os-5.2-i386-instcd.r2.iso