Q4OS 2 Scorpion media  [old stable version]

 Feel free to download and use various media below.

 Q4OS 1 'Orion' and Q4OS 2 'Scorpion' have been superseded by Q4OS 3 'Centaurus', you are recommended to install the Centaurus instead. The end of life of 1.x branch is set to May 2020, the 2.x branch to October 2022, until then, they will continue to be supported.

Q4OS 2 Scorpion installer for Windows  [old stable version]

 The easiest way to put Q4OS alongside Windows. Just run the installer from within Windows and install Q4OS as easily as any other application. Windows 10/8/7 compatible.

Specific hardware - Raspberry Pi, Pinebook  [old stable version]

 Download images below to get a poweful desktop optimized for the Raspberry Pi, or Pine64 hardware family.

Files details

md5sum ; file:
1beadc62bb34f1d226ff4e3c53c0f592 q4os-2.7-x64-kde.r6.iso
59563a4b17312a5335a64493f8d60281 q4os-2.7-x64.r6.iso
30391dd018b506dc90cf052b2d49dcc3 q4os-2.7-i686pae.r5.iso
0d66c45d833cc1dc2ce722cd4a4501e1 q4os-2.7-x64-instcd.r5.iso
b7c8bb2559689c188860d7c4b01abed6 q4os-2.7-i386-instcd.r5.iso
462840533b3eb62c86df9096c7b515a8 q4os-2.7-rpi.r6.zip
edc51c80a19a0a12f2ee31e11629b6a3 q4os-2.7-pinebook1080p.r5.zip
5e5db6989a90e3fc0a87faafb4209ef5 q4os-2.7-pinebook.r5.zip
5dd05fb22b16f42c1842c56befed6e47 q4os-winsetup-oldstable.exe