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Auto End Session or hibernate or suspend

This may exist or may not. I have looked and can not find it. In Windows(i know) an auto end session when idle has been around for a long time, including various apps that accomplish it as well. I would like to see a Feature to auto end session or hibernate or suspend a session and an adjustable time setting for these actions not associated with a screensaver. Windows does it in the power settings. I don't know what would be convenient, I would leave that to You.

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Re: Auto End Session or hibernate or suspend

You could use TDEPowersave to configure these settings, if you are using a laptop it shoud already be installed (battery icon in system tray) if you are using a desktop then it is likely not installed but can be selected in Synaptic Package Manager or from a Konsole using this command.

sudo apt install tdepowersave-trinity

Once installed you should have an icon in your system tray which will likely look like an electrical plug, you can right click it and select from the options there to configure it to your liking.


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