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#1 2019-01-15 02:47

From: Missouri, USA
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New Q4OS User (I like it)

I originally found Q4OS when looking for distros to use to take various DE's and window managers for a spin. Trinity piqued my interest, and Q4OS is pretty much the only Trinity OOTB distro I could find. Just recently (last few days) got around to trying Q4OS out. I wish I had tried it sooner. I have an Alienware MX17 (the first gen after Dell acquired Alienware). Nvidia 9400 integrated GPU with a single GTX260M discrete GPU. I have had nothing but trouble getting many distros to even boot on this rig (Plymouth seems to be the culprit with many distros; haven't bothered troubleshooting it thus far).

Q4OS boots right up. Automagically detects and offers to install the correct nVidia driver's. Fantastic.

Trinity is great, as well. Really starting to love it. Customizable, lightweight, full featured. It's a desktop environment, not a GFX demo LOL. XFCE is another of my favorites, but Trinity manages to run a smidge lighter on resources (=<10ish MB).

I'll be using Q4OS on this system for the foreseeable future. Really great GNU/Linux Distribution. Many thanks to the developers!

Just wanted to stop by and say great job, keep up the good work!

Jesse Schilling | rainydayshirts


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Re: New Q4OS User (I like it)

Hello, @jessexschilling!

Welcome to the Q4OS fan club! big_smile



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